Syllogism – Reasoning – IBPS SBI Bank PO/ Clerk, SSC CGL, CAT, MBA, LIC AAO

In today’s video we will focus on the topic of syllogism. It’s a very important topic because of two reasons;
1 – It helps you to improve your reasoning abilities.
2  – Around 5 questions are asked from this topic in all the exams, specially in the bank ones.
The main problem with this topic is that students can solve its problems but they are not confident enough to claim that their answers are right or wrong. It’s particularly because they don’t know the efficient approach to solve these problems. Once you understand this topic it’s really easy to score in its questions.

PART 1 : Theory

In this section I will tell you about the efficient approach to solve the questions of syllogism and how to you can solve them smartly.

PART 2 : Solve Problems Quickly using Venn Diagram

Friends in the first part we discussed about some important terms related to syllogism. In the second part we will discuss about how to draw statements and vain diagrams in syllogism and what is the approach in solving them.

PART 3 : How to Solve Syllogism Problems

Friends in the third part we will discuss all those questions which already came in the previous exams and there is a chance that it would be repeated in the future exams

PART 4 : Possibility Cases with Venn Diagram

Friends in today’s part we will discuss questions based on the possibility, and we will particularly focus on those questions which already came in the previous exams and the same pattern will be followed in the coming years.

PART 5 : Complementary Pairs

In today’s part we will discuss about complementary pairs and we will solve questions based on it.

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  1. richa says cow is rate..isme hme sirf dog ka relation btaya gya k cow k sath nahi hai..toh kya iska matlab yeh b hoga k bakio k sath cow ka relation hona possible hai jabki statement mein cow ka rat or cat k sath koi relation ni

  2. Anonymous says

    what is restatement???

  3. Sandeep says


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