Simple Interest and Compound Interest Video Tricks Formulas for IBPS SBI Bank PO/ Clerk, RBI, RRB

Video Lecture on Simple Interest and Compound Interest

    In this video we will study about Simple Interest and Compound Interest in great detail. This video has been divided in several parts. Watch other videos for Bank exam Preparation.

    In Part-1 we will study basics first. We will learn what is interest, what are its types, what are its usage. Then we will learn what is Simple interest. We will solve some problems that has been asked in Examinations like IBPS SBI PO, Clerk, RRB, SO,RBI and other competitive examinations.

    In Part-2 we will see what is compound interest and how it is calculated. Then we will see some practive problems from previous year examinations. We will also see some tricks to solve the compound interest problems faster.

    In Part-3 we will learn about the difference between Simple Interest and Compound Interest. Then we will see some problems related to this. Likewise we will see other parts and cover all the kinds of problems that are asked and that can be asked in the competitive examinations of IBPS SBI Bank PO/ Clerk, RRB, RBI and the other examinations.

    In Part-4 we will see the problems based on Principal/ Rate of Interest with respect to total amount for two different periods. We will see some problems and solve them in detail.

    About Faculty

    This video has been recorded by Gurpreet Sir under the guidance of Rajveer Sir. Rajveer Sir has been teaching the students of Such competitive examinations for more than 5 years now and he teaches in Jaipur. He is known to have good command over all the sections of the examinations.

    Gurpreet Sir is a multi-talented faculty of Mathematics. But his scope of teaching is not limited to maths only. He has good command over other subjects like Reasoning, English, General Awareness etc. This video is collaboration of knowledge of both these top notch faculties.

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