Profit & Loss – IBPS SBI Bank PO/ Clerk, SSC CGL, CAT, MBA, LIC AAO


PART 1 : Introduction

PART 2 : Basic Profit & Loss

PART 3 : Finding Overall P/L Percentage When S1 = S2 and P% = L%

PART 4 : Question Based on Net/Effective Percentage

PART 5 : New SP with Respect to Two Different P/L Percentage

PART 6 : Finding CP when Difference of SPs given in percentage terms

PART 7 : Finding CP when P and L Relationship given

PART 8 : P/L Percentage based on Quantity Sold

PART 9 : Question Based on Dishonest Dealer

PART 10 : Marked Price and Discount

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  1. harsh says

    sir we can solve the first problem more easily…it says that at loss of 12% tv is sold for Rs 1056
    so let cp=x then 88% of x= 1056 or x=105600/88=1200

    1. thetubeguru8 says

      Hi harsh,
      Yes! you are correct. But the purpose of solving these type of problems using this method is to explain concepts of profit and loss.
      Your basics are good that’s why you are able to solve it that way. That’s good.

  2. harsh says

    also in type 2 probles..itna lamba karne ki zaroorat hi nahi we can do it as follows:
    100>75>90 which denotes 25%loss and 20% gain so overall change is 100 to 90 ie 10% loss. so 10% loss of 3500 is 350

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