Percentage – Quantitative Aptitude – IBPS SBI Bank PO/ Clerk Exam Preparation Material


In this section we are going to discuss about percentage this is a very important topic. You can get around 1 or 2 questions based on this topic while on the other hand it also helps in solving other topics as well.
For example- simple interest, compound interest, profit and loss, simplification etc. That’s why studying this topic is very important.

PART 1 : Basic Equation

In this part we are going to solve some basic questions of percentage. The questions which has been taken in this parts already came in the previous year examinations and only these types of questions comes in the exams.

PART 2 : Percentage of percentage

In today’s part we will solve questions based on the topic which is related to finding percentage of percentage and we will also find what types of questions comes in exam from this topic.

PART 3 :  More or Less Percentage

In this part we will solve questions from the topics more or less percentage.

PART 4 : Election Based Questions

In today’s part we will discuss about election based questions of percentage and how to solve them.
Normally we consider them variable in nature while solving it but in this video we will tell you about solving them as quick as possible.

PART 5 : Examination Based Questions

In this part we will discuss about solving the examination based questions as soon as possible. Generally we do a lot of paperwork in solving this type of question but we will tell you how to eliminate that.

PART 6 :  x is what percentage of y.

In today’s part we will show the relation between two percentage based numbers and how to find that relationship between them.

PART 7 : Increment or Decrement

In today’s part we will discuss about how to solve the increment or decrement based question in percentage with lowest time span and smart technique.

PART 8 : Population based questions

In today’s video we will discuss about population based question which comes in exams and how to solve them with smart technique normally we solve these questions based on formula but in smart technique we will solve them in much lesser time as compared to formula.

PART 9 :  Miscellaneous

In this part we will discuss about miscellaneous question based on the percentage.

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