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Mixture and alligation are really very important topics. Generally in exams 1 or 2 questions comes from this topic and there are many topics where we can use the mixture and alligation methods for solving the question in time.

PART 1 : Basic Equation

In today’s part we will discuss upon the mixture and allegation based simple equations.

PART  2 : Compound Mixture

In today’s part we will discuss the questions based upon compound mixture.
What is compound mixture?
In this video we will discuss about what are the questions which comes in the exams from this topic.

 PART 3 : Replacement

In today’s part we will discuss about those questions which are of mixture and allegation type that can be used with replacement.
In these types of questions only one mixture is provided in the exam. In that also some parts are replaced with the product of some other number, which will be discussed in this video.

PART 4 : Miscellaneous

In today’s part we will discuss about some miscellaneous questions which can be solved through allegation rule.
Normally we solve these questions with the help of equations but in today’s video we will discuss how it will be solved through allegation rule.

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  1. Sandeep kumar naik says

    Sir, really awesome is ur lesson..
    I thank u very much for your time and effort. For making it… I could clearly understand it.

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