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Banking jobs are among the most in-demand jobs in India. Getting a job in bank is a dream of every candidate preparing for it but very few of them are able to make their dream come true. Every year more than a million of students apply for bank exam but very few of them get the job, because they follow certain strategy which most of us don’t. Recruitment in government bank is generally done in three stages, the first two stages are online objective exams which are referred as pre and mains and the third stage is Group discussion and interview round. The final merit is based on your score in mains and interview where mains score is given a weightage of 80% and interview of 20%.

Note: Shortlisting of candidates are done at each stage pre, mains and interview.

Tips to crack bank exam in first attempt:

    • Pattern of the exam:
      To crack the banking exam in your very first attempt, you must be aware of the pattern, time allotted, no. of sections paper has and all the necessary and basics information of the paper. Because then only you will be able to make your plan and study according to that. If you have a clear idea of exam pattern and the various section of the exam then you can make strategy according to that. So first and the most important step is to be updated about the latest exam pattern.
    • Study material:
      Now comes the second tip i.e choosing right study material. Choosing right study material is very important because then only you will be able to get a proper idea of the types of questions often coming in the exam in various section, and choosing right study material will also help you to learn basic fundamentals as well as some tricks that are important for you to solve questions.
    • Learn short tricks:
      As we all know that we have to solve the paper in that time interval, so learning short trick will able to do that. Learning some short tricks will increases your speed and gives you an easy way to solve the questions, but do not ignore the basics of the topics because if the question is bit twisted then your basics knowledge about the topic will only help you.
    • Know your strengths and weakness:
      Then comes the part where you have to spot your strengths and weakness, spotting strengths and weakness is very important part of your preparation. After spotting it you should emphasis on your weaker section and try to strengthen the sections in which you have good command. Because the best way to remove your weakness is to work on it, ignoring it will not help you anywhere.
    • Practice previous year papers:
      Practicing previous papers are a very good way to prepare for the exam. The more you practice, the more you feel confident of cracking the exam and confidence plays a very important factor in every exam. Practicing previous papers will also increases your speed and will also keep you familiar of the questions that are often asked in the exam.
    • Time management:
      Time management is the basic key to crack any exam. Solving questions is another part but solving it in that time interval is what you should need to practice. While practicing the previous year papers always keep an eye on the time you have taken to complete the paper.
    • Revision:
      Revision is very important part of preparation; many students ignore this part and thus suffer in the exam. Everyone should understand the importance of revision. Revision helps you to keep updated of the topics and short tricks you have learnt.

Mistakes to avoid while preparing for bank exam

  • Guessing the answer:
    Guessing the answer is one of the biggest mistakes that most of the candidates do, so try to avoid guessing the answer as it may harm your score. If you are very much confident of the answer then only mark it.
  • Understanding of syllabus:
    You must have a good understanding of syllabus if you want to crack the exam, not just the bank exam but for any exam this step is important. Because if you don’t have a proper knowledge of the syllabus you will fail to understand which topics are important and which are not from exam point of view.
  • Improper time management:
    Many students ignore the importance of time management while preparing for the exam and that is where they are doing the mistake, always try to solve the paper in that particular time allotted.
  • Using lengthy methods:
    Many students sometimes ignore the importance of learning short tricks and try to adopt the lengthy methods for problem solving. They must understand the importance of the time short tricks save for them in solving the paper and that time can be used in some another question.
  • Too much preference to individual section:
    One of the other common mistakes that most of the candidates make while preparation is that they give too much time on the sections in which they have good command and didn’t give that much importance to the sections in which they are weak or have less command.
  • Not practicing mock paper:
    Try to solve as many as mock and previous year papers. Many students prepare all the topics well but don’t practice mock paper. You should understand the importance of mock papers as it increases your confidence and help you find your strengths and weakness.
  • Ignoring the cutoff:
    Make a note of last year cutoff and prepare according to that. Having an approximate idea of how much you have to score to crack the exam will help you in preparing for the exam.




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