Maths Short Tricks for Fast Calculation in Hindi for SSC IBPS Bank PO Clerk Exams

Friends there is no topic as speed maths in the exams but we have given this topic because it’s really important for the exams point of view.
Friends time management is a very important factor and you have to manage your time efficiently so that you can attend all the sections in the exam. You can achieve this target by effective calculations.

PART 1 : Addition and subtraction

Friends in today’s video we will discuss about the calculation. In this video I will tell you about how to improve your calculation skill.

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  1. Rakesh kr says

    Please give English material

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      Thank you Rohit 🙂

  3. om prakash says

    superb I really need that technique. Thanks for sharing… Keep it up!

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      Thank you 🙂

  4. Harjit Singh says

    awsme sir…thankxx for sharing

    1. thetubeguru8 says

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  5. swati says

    plz upload live session of IBPS clerk stategy .thanks sir.

  6. LOVELY says

    sir video is not playing for A LONG TIME

    1. thetubeguru8 says

      I hope now its playing

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  9. Anonymous says

    Nice trick

  10. Ganesh says

    Plus give English language in all study material in your website. Plus help me

    1. Lilly says

      Deep thinking – adds a new disemnion to it all.

  11. Amol says

    This is very nice It helps to increase the speed of calculation.

  12. Simpi Bhandari says

    Sir I want to subscribe your all banks exam preparation videos but i don’t know how to do it.Please give me some tips for the subscription channel .

  13. kavita says

    Anupat based que.

  14. avdhesh from-bishara says

    Good article

  15. Kamal says

    Please give reasoning material

  16. Kamal says

    Please give reasoning material and go material

  17. Pratik says

    Please sir , give me a question paper of AFO for preparation

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