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Let’s understand Pronoun with the help of following examples:

Example 1 : Ram is a good boy. Ram is my friend. Ram’s father works with my father.

Example 2 : Ram is a good boy. He is my friend. His father works with my father. 

Instead of saying ‘Ram’ repeatedly, ‘He’ & ‘His’ are being used as the substitute in second example, which doesn’t make any changes in the sentence.

Words which replaces noun are called pronoun.

Examples of pronouns: I, He, His, Them, It, You etc.

Types of Pronoun

There are 4 types of pronouns.

Subjective PronounObjective PronounPossessive PronounReflexive Pronoun
Used in subjective part of the sentence.Used in objective part of the sentence.Used to express possession.Used to express the importance of the subject.
I, He, She, You, They, WeMe, Him, Her, You, Them, UsMy, Mine, His, Her, Hers, Your, Yours, Their, Theirs, Our, OursMyself, Himself, Herself, Yourselves, Themselves, Ourselves

  • He is mad.
  • We were in Delhi.

  • Ram was with me.
  • Dad scolded me.
  • Baby is watching you.
  • Papa did a lot for them.



  • Tom is my youngest son.
  • This Heart is yours, not mine.
  • Brother is hers, not Tom’s.
  • Books were not mine.



  • I will do it myself.
  • He will go there himself.
  • Do it yourself.



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