Present Continuous Tense : English Grammar for SBI IBPS Bank PO/ Clerk Exams


Let’s first see some examples of Present Continuous Tense.

I am Teaching.
He is reading.
We are going to market.
Tom is playing.
It is raining.
The kids are making noise.

Sentence Structure

Type of SentenceStructureExample
AffermativeSubject + is/am/are + V-I(-ing) + Object
*for He, She, It, Name (singular third person) use ‘is’; For I use ‘am’ and for We, you, They use ‘are’
He is paying chess.
I am studying.
Negative Subject + is/am/are + not + V-I(-ing) + ObjectHe is not playing chess.
I am not studying.
Interrogative Is/am/are + Subject + V-I(-ing) + Object?Is he playing chess?
Am I studying?
Interrogative-NegativeIs/am/are + Subject + not + V-I(-ing) + Object?Is he not playing chess?
Am I not studying?


When we use Present Continuous Tense ?

  • For actions going on at the time of speaking.
    He is singing.
    I am playing chess.
  • For a temporary action which may not be actually happening at the time of speaking.
    I am learning to drive a car. [I am not learning at the moment I am saying this sentence]
    He is reading a novel. [Not reading at the time this sentence is said.]
  • For an action that has already been arranged to take place in the near and there.

    I am going to the restaurant tonight.
    My father is arriving tonight.
  • The following types of verbs are normally NOT used in continuous form:
    • Verbs of perception: see, hear, smell, notice, recognize.
      We are seeing with our eyes. [Incorrect]
      We see with our eyes. [Correct]
    • Verbs of appearing: resemble, appear, look, seem.
      He is resembling his brother. [Incorrect]
      He resembles his brother. [Correct]
    • Verbs of emotion: want, wish, desire, feel, like, love, hate, hope, refuse, prefer.
      I am loving her. [Incorrect]
      I love her. [Correct]
    • Verbs of thinking: think, suppose, believe, agree, consider, trust, remember, forgot, know, understand, imagine, mean, mind.
      I am thinking. [Incorrect]
      I think.[Correct]
    • Verbs of possession: have, own, possess, belong to, contain, consist of, be.
      I am having a car. [Incorrect]
      I have a car. [Correct]



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