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A Preposition is the word or group of words that is generally placed before a noun or a pronoun to express its relation with other part of the sentence. The noun or pronoun used with the preposition is called its object.

Consider the following Examples

I am coming from Delhi.
Here, we have a noun ‘Delhi’ and a pronoun ‘I’. Preposition is a word that is placed before a noun or pronoun. There is no word before pronoun ‘I’. Before Delhi, there is a word ‘from’. From is the preposition in this example. ‘Delhi’ is object of ‘from’.

Tom depends on you.
Here, we have a noun Tom and a pronoun you. There is a word before pronoun but there is no word before the noun. Therefore, the preposition in this case is ‘on’. ‘you’ is the object of ‘on’.


Some commonly used prepositions –


 Coming from some placeI am coming from the park.
I am coming from my home.
 Point of TimeI will join from tomorrow.
His timing starts from 11AM
From any sourceI heard it from Tom.
I wrote it from the book.



One body leaving surface of another bodyI picked the mobile off the bed.
I am wiping the dust off the screen.
Monkey jumped off the tree.
Move the cup off the table.

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