Poverty As A Challenge – Class 9 IX – Economics Social Science – Intext NCERT Solutions




Q1. page 32.
• Why do different countries use different poverty lines?
• What do you think would be the minimum necessary level in your locality?

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• What is necessary to satisfy basic needs is different at different times and in different countries. Therefore, poverty line may vary with time and place. Each country uses an imaginary line that is considered appropriate for its existing level of development and its accepted minimum social norms.
• In my locality the minimum necessary level should not be less than 6000 per month.

Q2. page 33.
Study the table 3.1 and answer the following questions:
• Even if poverty ratio declined between 1973-74 and 1993-94, why did the number of poor remain at about 320 million?
• Are the dynamics of poverty reduction the same in rural and urban India?

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Ans. • Because there is high increase in our population.
• No. In rural areas there are agricultural labour households and in urban areas there are urban casual labour households. The problems faced by the poor people of these two regions should be tackled in two different ways. The rural people facing poverty should be provided with enough land and the urban people facing poverty should be provided with enough job opportunities.

Q3. page 36.
Study the Table 3.4 and answer the following questions:
• Identify the areas of the world, where poverty ratios have declined.
• Identify the areas of the globe which has the largest concentration of the poor.

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• China, South-east Asian countries, the countries of South Asia.
• Sub-Saharan Africa, Latin America and Russia.

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