Population – Class 9 IX – Geography Social Science – Intext NCERT Solutions




Q1. page 54.
What could be the reason of uneven distribution of population of India?

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Ans. Several reasons are there behind the uneven distribution of population of India:
• Rugged terrain
• Climatic condition
• Water supply
• Means of transport and communication
• Employment opportunities.

Q2.  page 56.
Table 6.1 reveals that despite the decline in growth rates, the number of people being added every decade is steadily increasing. Why?

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Ans. India has very large population. When a low annual rate is applied to a very large population, it yields a large absolute increase. When more than a billion people increase even at a lower rate, the total numbers being added becomes very large.

Q3.  page 58.
What could be the reasons for such variations?

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Ans. Social customs, parents’ preference for male child, variation in literacy rates in different states of India, etc.

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