Pastoralists in the Modern World – Class 9 IX – History Social Science – Intext NCERT Solutions




Q1.  page 101. Read sources A and B.
• Write briefly about what they tell you about the nature of the work undertaken by men and women in pastoral households.
• Why do you think pastoral groups often live on the edges of forests?

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Ans. Men usually take the responsibility of outdoor activities. They graze the cattle and frequently lie out for weeks in the woods tending their herds. Women, on the other hand, repair to the markets every morning carrying baskets filled with milk products on their heads.
Pastoral groups often live on the edges of forests so that they can easily go to the towns to sell the produce of the dairy.

Q2.  page 104.
Write a comment on the closure of the forests to grazing from the standpoint of:
• a forester
• a pastoralist

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Ans. A forester gets everything from the forests. His life completely depends on forests. Hence, if his access to the forest is restricted or banned, it is very difficult for him to exist. Similarly, a pastoralist’s life is closely linked
with the forests. The closure of the forests to grazing means paralysing his life for good.

Q3.  page 105.
Imagine you are living in the 1890s. You belong to a community of nomadic pastoralists and craftsmen. You learn that the Government has declared your community as a criminal tribe.
• Describe briefly what you would have felt and done.
• Write a petition to the local collector explaining why the Act is unjust and how it will affect your life.

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• I would have felt deeply hurt. We are not criminals as stated by the colonial government. Forest is our home and we can’t live without it. The colonial government must understand this fact.
• The colonial government in India has passed the Criminal Tribes Act. This Act has classified us as Criminal Tribes. I want to draw the attention of the local collector towards our miseries that have made us so helpless. We are not criminals as stated by the colonial government. We are just human beings like you. Hence, we need fair treatment from the authority. Our life totally depends upon forests. If our access to forests is restricted, how can we live? We will become unemployed and will have to face starvation. The Act is not just at all. Therefore, it must be made ineffective.

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