Past Perfect Tense : English Grammar for SBI IBPS Bank PO/ Clerk Exams


Let’s first see some examples of Past Continuous Tense.

Tom had written a book.
I had played a match.
She had slept.
It had rained.

Sentence Structure

Type of SentenceStructureExample
AffermativeSubject + had + V-III + ObjectHe had gone to market.
They had played  football.
NegativeSubject + had + not + V-III + ObjectHe had not gone to market.
They had not played football.
Interrogative Had + Subject + V-III + Object?Had he gone to market?
Had they played football?
Interrogative-Negative Had + Subject + Not + V-III + Object? Had he not gone to market?
Had they not played football?

When we use Past Perfect Tense ?

  • Past Perfect Tense is generally used in situations where two action takes place one after another. In such cases, the first action is Past Perfect and the second event is Past Indefinite.
    The train had departed before I reached the station.[Two actions are, departing of the train and reaching the station. The first action uses past indefinite and the second uses past perfect. ]
    Tom came here after you had slept. [Two actions are, ‘Tom came here’ and ‘you slept’]
  • Sometimes the sentence doesn’t have two parts, but it is clear from the sentence that action has completed in the past.
    He had already informed me. 
    She had reached there much earlier.
    I had never been to Delhi before. 

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