Past Indefinite or Simple Past Tense : English Grammar for SBI IBPS Bank PO/Clerk Exams


Let’s first see some examples of Past Indefinite or Simple Past Tense.

I played football.
Tom wrote a letter to Alex.
It rained yesterday.
He came here yesterday.
I helped him.
He went to Tokyo yesterday.

Sentence Structure

Type of SentenceStructureExample
AffermativeSubject + V-II + ObjectHe went to market.
I played football.
Negative Subject + did not + V-I + ObjectHe did not go to market.
I did not play football.
Interrogative Did + Subject + V-I + Object?Did he go to market?
Did I play football?
Interrogative-Negative Did + Subject + Not + V-I + ObjectDid he not go to market?
Did I not play football?


When we use Present Indefinite or Simple Present Tense ?

  • To indicate an action completed in the past. If often occurs with words referring past like, yesterday, a week ago, last year etc.
    An accident took place yesterday.
    He came last night.
    I received a letter a week ago.
  • Sometimes used without reference to the past. In such cases, the time may be clear by the context.
    I learned Marathi in Nagpur. [When I was in Nagpur which was in past]
    I didn’t sleep well. [I didn’t sleep well last night]
    Mahatma Gandhi led the Swadeshi Movement. [at the time of Independence]
  • For past habits.

    He studied 6 hours every day.
    She always carried an umbrella!
    He never went to church.

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