Natural Vegatation and Wild Life – Class 9 IX – Geography Social Science – Intext NCERT Solutions




Q1. page 43.
Why are the southern slopes in Himalayan region covered with thick vegetation cover as compared to northern slopes of the same hills?

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Ans. The southern slopes in Himalayan region get heavy rainfall, and therefore, plants grow there quickly. The soil is also suitable for the plant growth. But northern slopes of the same hills are most covered with snow because of the high altitude.

Q2. page 43.
Why have the western slopes of the Western Ghats covered with thick forests and not the eastern slopes?

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Ans. Since the western slopes of the Western Ghats receive heavy rainfall (more than 200 cm) so they are covered with thick forests. But the eastern slopes receive poor rainfall (about 50-70 cm) and therefore, they lack forest cover.

Q3.  page 47.
What will happen if plants and animals disappear from the earth’s surface? Can the human beings survive under such a situation? Why is bio-diversity necessary and why should it be conserved?

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Ans. The very existence of human beings will come to an end. Even the earth’s existence will not be possible in the absence of plants and animals.
The survival of human beings is possible only because there exists plants and animals on the earth’s surface.
In their absence it is not possible to live any longer. Biodiversity is necessary because it provides circumstances for the survival of human beings.
It is necessary to conserve bio-diversity so that we may live safely on the earth’s surface. Our life is closely linked with the plants and animals. If we conserve them it means we are conserving ourselves.

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