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Q1.  page 45.
• Why is agriculture a seasonal activity?
• Why is Ramu unemployed for about four months in a year?
• What does Ramu do when he is unemployed?
• Who are supplementing income in Ramu’s family?
• Why does Ramu face difficulty when he is unable to have work?
• When is Ramu food insecure?

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• Agriculture is a seasonal activity because it is related to cycles of food growing and harvesting.
• Ramu is unemployed for about four months in a year because that is the period when plant consolidation and maturing take place.
• When Ramu is unemployed he gets work in brick laying or in construction activities in the village.
• Ramu’s wife, Sunhari and his son, Sornu, are supplementing income in his family.
• Ramu faces difficulty when he is unable to have work because he has five small kids who are too young to work on the field.
• Ramu is food insecure during 4 months when he remains unemployed because of seasonal nature of agriculture work.

Q2. page 45.
• Does Ahmad have a regular income from rickshaw pulling?
• How does the yellow card help Ahmad run his family even with small earnings from rickshaw pulling?

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• No, Ahmad doesn’t have a regular income from rickshaw pulling. During some days he gets enough earning for him to save some amount after buying all his day-to-day necessities. On other days, he barely earns enough to buy his daily necessities.
• Fortunately Ahmad has a yellow card, which is PDS card for below poverty line people. With this card, he gets sufficient quantity of wheat, rice, sugar and kerosene oil for his daily use. He gets these essentials at half of the market price.

Q3. page 47. 
Study the Graph 4.1 and answer the following questions.

Production of Foodgrains in India (Million Tonnes)

(a) In which year did our country cross the 200 million tonnes per year mark in foodgrain production?
(b) In which decade did India experience the highest decadal increase in foodgrain production?
(c) Is production increase consistent in India since 2000-01?

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Ans.(a) In the year 2003-04.
(b) In decade 1990-2000.
(c) No, the production increase is not consistent in India since 2000-01. In 2002-03 the production declined sharply.

Q4. page 51.
Study the graph 4.2 and answer the following questions:

Graph. 4.2 Central Foodgrains (Wheat + Rice) Stock and Minimum Buffer Norm (Million Tonnes)
• In which recent year foodgrain stock with the government was maximum?
• What is the minimum buffer stock norm for the FCI?
• Why were the FCI granaries overflowing with foodgrains?

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• In the year 2002.
• The minimum buffer stock norm for the FCI is 24.3 million tonnes.
• Because of good agricultural production.

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