• The first spare rocket brought back to earth after orbiting the moon Zond-5

  • First crew transfer between the orbiting space ships : Soyuz T- 15 with Mir Space Station
  • The first mission of a link-up in space by manned space ships of USA and Soviet Union Apollo-Soyuz Test Project Mission (ASTP) (launched on July 15 and linked up in space on July 17, 1975)
  • The first man to fly into space belonging to a country other than Russia or the USA : Remek (Czechoslovakia)

  • The first country to send nuclear powered space craft to explore Jupiter : USA
  • The first to launch earth satellite or artificial baby moon : USSR

  • The first spaceship in the world to sample moon’s crust : Surveyor-3 (USA)

  • The First spare vehicle to softland on moon : Luna 9 (USSR)

  • The first manned spaceship to perform the longest stay in space (11 days) : Apollo-7 (USA)

  • The first person in the world to land on the moon : Neil Armstrong and Edwin E. Aldrin

  • The first man to enter space : Major Yuri Gagarin (Russian)

  • The First woman cosmonaut of the world : Velentina Tereshkova

  • The first unmanned spaceship to have softlanded and lifted oft from
    the moon to return to the earth : Luna-16 (USSR) Sept. 21, 1970

  • The first space vehicle to land on the moon : Lunar Exploration Module (LEM) nick-named ‘Eagle

  • The first space ship which carried three American astronauts to land two of them on the moon : Apollo-11

  • The first country to send man to the moon : USA

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