• The first man to win 4 Olympic gold medals : Alvin Kranzein (USA) in 1900

  • The first lawn tennis player who won the Wimbledon Championship for five years consecutively : Bjorn Borg

  • First batsman to score three Test Century in three succeesive Tests on Debut : Mohd. Azharuddin (India)

  • World’s first Cricketer to score more than 11,000 runs in his test carrier : Allan Border of Australia with more than 11,000 runs.

  • The first person to reach the South Pole : Amundsen (Norway)

  • The first person to have climbed Mount Everest : Edmund Hillary and Sherpa Tenzing 19th May, 1953

Edmund Hillary

Sherpa Tenzing

  • The first person to sail round the world : Ferdinand Magellan (Portugal)

  • The first woman to conquer Mount Everest : Mrs. Junko Tabel (Japan)

  • The first man to have climbed Mount Everest Twice : Nawang Gombu

  • The first vessel ever to reach the North Pole by sailing through the thick Arctic ice : Soviet Arktika Atomic-powered (ice-breaker)

  • The leader of the expedition ‘Ocean to Sky’ : Sir Edmund Hillary

  • The first two mountaineers who reached the summit of Everest without
    using oxygen : Peter Habeler (Austria) and Reinhold Messner (Italy)

Peter Habeler

Reinhold Messner

  • The first woman Ambassador of Britain : Anne Warburton

  • The first woman Prime Minister of a European Country : Margaret

  • Woman Bishop : Rev Barbara C. Harris (USA)

  • Lady President of a country : Maria Estela Person (Argentina)

  • The first Muslim women to win Nobei Prize : Shirin Ebadi.

  • First Private Financed Manned spaceflight : Space Ship One

  • The fast woman Prime Minister of a country twice : Mrs. S. Bhandarnaike
    (Sri Lanka)

  • The first President of the USA : George Washington

  • The fast President of the Chinese Republic : San Yet Sen

  • The first Governor-General of Pakistan : Mohd. Ali Jinnah

  • The first European to visit China : Marco Polo

  • The first US President to resign Presidency : Richard Nixon

  • The first Person to cross the Atlantic in an open wicker basket hot air balloon : David Hempleman Adams

  • The first woman civilian police adviser of the U.N. : Kiran Bedi

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