• Cups : World Cup, Titan Cup, Triangular Series, Singer Cup, Sahara Cup, Natwest Trophy, Asia Cup, ICC Trophy, Benson and Hedges Cup, Ranji Trophy, Duleep Trophy, Irani Trophy, Deodhar Trophy, Rohington Baria Trophy, Cooch Bihar Trophy, Sheesh Mahal Trophy, Wills Cup, Vinoo Marked Trophy, Vijay Merchant Trophy, Rani Jhansi Trophy etc.
  • Terminology : Swing, Cut, Overdrive, Pull, Hook, Chinaman, Short Pitch, Googly, Wide, Throw, Mid off, Mid on, Long leg, Short leg, Fine leg, Forward short leg, Mid wicket, Third man, Slip, Point, Thirty yard circle, Crease, Flight. Bouncer, Round the wicket, Over the wicket, Leg before wicket. Follow on, Protection guard. Abdominal guard, Bails, Retired hurt, Third Umpire, Opener, First down, Line and length, Seam, Leg cutter, Off break, Leg spin, Bowler, Batsman, Wicket keeper, Helmet, Pad, Extra. No ball, Chucker, Dead Ball,Reamer, Reverse swing, Full toss, Bowled, Hit wicket, Played on, Run out, Caught Behind, Catch, Over throw, Shooter, Run, Innings, Gloves, Runner etc.


  • Cups : FIFA Cup (World Cup), UFA Cup, F.A. Cup, European Championship, Winners Cup, Presidents Cup, African Nations Cup, Kings Cup, Mardeka Cup, Asian Cup. Kankecafe Gold Cup, Santosh Trophy (National Championship), Jawahar Lal Nehru International Gold Cup, Rajiv Gandhi International Cup, Durand Cup, Rovers Cup. I.F.A. Shelid, DCM Trophy, Federation Cup, Subroto Cup, B.C. Roy Trophy, Mir lqbal Hussain torphy, Stafford Cup, Carvers Cup, Vithal Cup, Ftaradoloi Trophy, Nagaji trophy, Airlines gold Cup, Bandodkar Gold Cup, Ashutosh Trophy, Begurn Hazrat Mahal Trophy etc.
  • Terminology : Mid field, Centre pass, Back pass, Goal keeper, Forward, Direct kick, Striker, Indirect, kick, Corner, Free kick, Dribble, Penalty kick, Extra time, Scisson kick, Foul, Goal, Refree, Linesman, Sweeper, Back, Throw in, Volley, Touch line, Send off, Net winger, Tie breaker, flag, fist, First half, Second, half, Sudden death, Winger, Tackle, Far post, Sliding tackle, Off side, Hatrick, handball, Chip, Lob, Fair charge, Booking, Cross, Kick off, Goal kick, Marking, Through ball, Abbey etc.

Lawn Tennis

  • Cups : Grand slam (Wimbledon, French Open, Australlian Open, U.S. open), Davis Cup. Whiteman Cup, Federation Cup, Hopman Cup, ATP championship, Evert Cup, Virginia slims championship, Italian open, Canadian open. Japan open, Indian satellite open, Dr Rajendra Prasad Cup, German open, WTA championship etc.
  • Terminology : Deuce, Volley, Service, Back hand, Stroke, Forehand, Singles, Doubles, Racket, Net ball, Service break, Straight set, Service line, Return. Side umpire, Baseline, Centre line, Grass Court, Hard court, Clay Fault, Grip, Ground stroke, Refree, Linesman, in, Out, Match Point, Tie break, Set point, Half volley, Smash, pace, Top spin. Wrong foot. Love. Seed, Break point, Change of ends, Over head, Tub, Passing shot, Kill etc.


  • Cups : Mumbai gold Cup, DhyanChand Trophy. Jawahar Lal Nehru Cup, Surjeet Singh Cup. Agha Khan Cup, Scindhia Gold Cup, Him Gold Cup, Ceasers Clark Cup. Murugappa Gold Cup, Cuppuswamy Cup, Maharaja Ranjit Singh Gold Cup, Roop Singh Gold Cup, Khan Abdul Ghatiar Khan Trophy, K.D. Singh Babu Trophy, D.C.M. Sriram trophy, Challenge Cup, Rene Frank trophy (World championship), Champions trophy, Stand Cup, B.M.W. Trophy, !Wan Shah Cup, Indira Gandhi International Gold Cup, Rangaswainy Cup (National men’s championship), Lady Ratan Tata Trophy (National women’s championship), Brighton Cup, Obedullah gold Cup, Federation Cup etc.
  • Terminology : Infringement, Sideline, Tie breaker, Sudden death, Hatrick, Stick, Under cutting, Circle, Bulley, Rollin, Pushin, Shooting circle, Polley, Right and left back, Outside right, Inside right, Centre forward, Inside left, Outside left. Centre half, Line, Corner, Short corner, long corner, Penalty stroke, Flick, Reverse flick, Scoop, Umpire, Linesman, Half volley, Pad. Gloves etc.


  • Cups : Chaddha Cup (national women’s team championship), Vikas Topiwala Challenge Cup (National men’s singles), Olympian Challenger Cup (National women singles), Amrit Diwan Cup, Aggarwal Cup, S.R. Rula Cup, Sofia kitkara Cup, Hintlal Cup. Thomas Cup World men), Tiber Cup (world women), All England championship, sudiraman Cup, Yonnex Cup, Abdul Rahman Cup, European Cup etc.
  • Terminology : Refree, Linesman, Let drop, flight, Skirt, Innings, Net shot. Low service, High service, Lift, Pen handle push, setting service break, Match point, Set point. Smash etc.


  •  Cups : Federation Cup, India Cup, Shivanti Gold Cup, ShivaSubramantyaum Cup (National Women Championship). V.C.C. Cup, Mannarkat M.M Joseph Trophy (National Men’s Championship), and Poornima Trophy etc.
  • Terminology : Hock serve, Tennis serve, Refree, Linesman, Double fault. Fore arm pass, Set up, Block, Aerial smash, Rotation, Double hit, Volley pass, Dig pass, Switch, Overtopping, Booster, Love, Dig, Net Fault, Net ball, Floater, Service, Power serve etc.


  •  Cups : Ring master, Jab, Reach, Cover up, Clinch, In lighting, Bell, Back header, Barrage, Volvo punch. Upper rut, Lower cut, Below the belt, Back peddle, Bout. Bunting, Kidney punch, Lead, Neutral corner, Right cross, Swing, Seconds out, Not out, Knockout, Belt block, Blow, Bounce of ropes, Hook, Guard, Hang on, Hill, Pivot punch, Round, Wag, Pench ball, Punch drunk, Sash, Ring craft etc.
  • Terminology : World Cup Championship Presidents Cup, Meyers Cup, Kings Cup, Virginia long cons trophy, WBA title, WBC crown etc.


  •  Cups : Golden eagle trophy, National Championship, European Championship, Federation Cup, America Cup, Asia Cup, V.C. Gupta Trophy, William Jones Cup etc.
  • Terminology :  Assist, Dribbling Duck, Goal tending, Jump ball, Head ball, Lay up, Pivot, Post screening, Steal, Tap. Throw, Three point, Play, ‘rip in. Tum over etc.

Snooker / Billiards

  • Terminology :  Bridge, Cue, Cue ball, Object balls etc.


  • Terminology :  Bogey, Foursome, Tee, Put, Hole, Nivlick, Caddy, Link, Putting, Vrily, Birdie etc.


  • Terminology : Alley, Apron, Baton, Bend, Blindpass, Box, Circle, Clearance, Crossbar, Heats, False start, Flop style, Foul, Hurdles, lane. Lap, Decathlon, Heptathion, Marathon, Pentathlon, Scratch, Shotput, Sprint, Starting blocks, Steeplechase, Straddle, Stride, ‘Be, Zone.


  • Terminology : Arm-thrower, Around the Horn, Balk, Ball, Ball hawk, Have
    open, Base runner, Bat, Batter, Battery, Blank, Block, Bobble, Catcher, Cocked arm, Crossfire, Downer, Home, Hot Corner. Infield fly, Keystone, Sack, Letup, Peg, Pinch, Hitter, Poppy, Punch, Rubber, Run-lip, Sinker, Slider, Threefoot lines.


  • Terminology : Ankling, Break, Bunch, Handicap, Honk, Madison relay, Musette, Pursuit.


  • Terminology : Aweigh all. Beat, Bow, Canvass, Catch, Coxswain or Cox, Double, Eight, Paddle, Puddle, Recovery, Rigging, Row, Sculls, Single, Slide, Sweep, Swivel.


  • Terminology : Sculls, Single, Slide, Sweep, Swivel, Rugby Blocking hack, Button-hook, Centre, Clipping, Crossbar, Cutback, Dead ball line, Drop kick, Fade, Faircatch, Flanker, Flat pass, Fumble, Goal, Huddle, Kickoff, Looping line, Offside, Pack, Punt, Pushing the passer, Safety man, Screen pass, Slugging, Tackle, Throw-in, Time out, Trap, Try.


  • Terminology : Airgun, Barrel, Bore diameter, Bull. Calibre, Canting, Drag, Firearm, Grip, Long riffle, Muzzle velocity, Rifle, Sighters, Snap, Stock.


  • Terminology : Angle, Board court, Canine, Drive, Footfault, Half court line, Hammer, Hand tn. Kill, Nick, Penalty point, Rally, Service box, Set, Short line, Volley, Wells.

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