How to Prepare General Awareness for SBI PO Exam


General Awareness section is one of the most scoring and the least time consuming section of SBI PO Mains Exam 2017. The beauty of this section lies in the fact that you don't have to solve anything; if you know the answer, just mark it and you are good to go, if you can score high in this particular section it will give you a definite edge over others. But it requires a lot of dedication and determination to master the subject.

People are still not able to do well in the GA section despite the fact that it is one of the easiest section of the SBI PO exam . It is probably because the range of questions being asked is exceptionally long. The full discussion of this section is beyond the ambit of one book, so aspirants get confused what to study and what not.

There is a saying which goes like “If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles “, same you need to apply here.

  • Your very first step should be to familiarize yourself with the syllabus of the General Knowledge.
  • After doing the above mentioned step formulate a study plan(which topics you are going to target first and how much time you are going to spend on them)

SBI PO GA Sections will be based on General Awareness with special reference to banking industry. One should be well versed in Current and Basic GA of economy, corporate and various other.

Time Frame to Cover General Awareness and Financial Awareness for SBI PO :

On the whole, you should cover all news up to a week before the exam. You need to go through the last 4-5 months to cover all the main events and occurrences. Since your examination date is June 4th, ideally you should make it a point to go through all news from Jan 1,2017 to May 28, 2017.

Examiners usually expect candidates to be well aware about the recent developments and this is why questions on recent events fills up a majority of the questions from this section.

Along with this, the news within 1.5 to 2 months of the examination date are of paramount relevance. Hence, you should lay special emphasis on the events that take place in this “sweet spot”.


General Awareness comprises three subjects;

  • Banking & Economy
  • Current Affairs
  • Static GK



Topics to be covered under this subject :

1) Indian Banking Industry:

  • History of banking (focus more on history of State Bank of India)
  • Nationalization of Banks
  • Role Of Banking (Why we need banks and what they actually do)
  • Types Of Banks
  • Functions Of Banks
  • Important acts of Banking Sector
  • Banking Abbreviations, terms and concepts
  • Banking services: Assets, liabilities and working capital of a bank; NEFT; RTGS; Banking Correspondence agents;Bancassurance; Ombudsman Scheme


2) RBI and Monetary Policy


  • History of RBI
  • Role of RBI
  • Hierarchy of RBI (Incumbent Governor, Deputy Governor)
  • Aim Of Monetary Policy and how it is implemented
  • Current policy and Reserve Rates
  • BASEL Committees (focus more on BASEL III)
  • Credit Rating Agencies
  • Anti money Laundering act
  • Introduction to National financial institutions like RBI, IRDA, SEBI, SIDBI etc. and of International organisations like World bank, IMF, UN, ADB, NDB, AIIB etc. (Headquarters, Members and Heads)

3) Money Market in India

  • Money Market Concepts
  • FEMA & Foreign Exchange reserves of India.
  • FDI and FII
  • Negotiable Instruments
  • Types Of Cheques

4) Capital Market in India

  • Primary Market
  • Secondary Market

5)National Income (National Income is the total income earned by a nation)

  • Source Of Income
  • Types Of Goods

5) Miscellaneous

  • Concept of Budget
  • Union Budget
  • Latest Passed Bills
  • Schemes and policies implemented by Govt (Central Govt. as well as State Govt.)
  • Inflation
  • GST
  • Non Banking Financial companies, payment Banks : Definition, Difference from bank etc
  • Financial Inclusion and various initiatives for it
  • Priority Sector Lending
  • Headquarters and Taglines of various Banks



Now don't you all get bogged down by the length of the syllabus, nobody expects you to do a thesis on the above mentioned topics, you should have a basic idea about them, mainly from the point of view of the interview, as most of the questions in interview will be from above mentioned topics.


  1. II) Current Affairs


  • National Current Affairs
  • International Current Affairs
  • Person in News/ Awards
  • Summits & Conferences
  • Sports News
  • The Latest news related to Science & technology, like defence & navy, Airforce, missiles
  • Economy Current Affairs
  • FDI limits in different sectors (Mug up the exact figure)
  • Schemes and policies implemented by Govt (Central Govt. as well as State Govt.)
  • RBI Monetary Review
  • Announcements made by RBI, SBI and other banks
  • Business News: Mergers, Acquisitions and Buyouts.
  • Committees & Recommendations : Questions on committees are among the favourites of the examiner. Usually 1-2 questions are asked from this year in every paper. So a candidate must be well aware of the recent committees that have been either set up by the Government or by the RBI.
  • Agreements & MoUs
  • Summits and Pacts: Every day or the other, there are certain world summits being held in some corner of the world. Your lookout should be to target the ones where financial interest is present along with India’s participation. If India has recently entered into a partnership with a certain nation with respect to investment, then the same should also be taken into consideration.
  • Business Deals and Acquisitions


Refer to the following topics for the exam

  • CAPITALS & CURRENCY of countries
  • SPORTS CRICKET, FOOTBALL, HOCKEY etc recent events & SPORTS awards too
  • Important books & authors
  • Hydro power dams, atomic power plants, important national parks
  • Ministers & portfolio & constutiencs
  • Population census
  • Awards -films, national, GRAMMY, OSCAR, etc
  • Persons in news -DEATH, most famous, popular recent only
  • Recent Prime Minister and President visits to other countries
  • Recent Indian deals with other countries
  • Important dances & festivals of Indian states
  • International Head Quarter & world organisation
  • Important president & pm elected from various countries
  • Recent appointments
  • Important stock exchanges & financial institutions
  • Important recent places popular in world
  • Recent summits & places
  • Important wild life sanctuaries & National parks
  • Important themes of events like International women day, National Science Day etc.
  • Important latest scheme announced by PM
  • Recent schemes started by banks ESPECIALLY SBI -- UNNATI CARD, SBI PAY, BHIM, UPI BASED APP
  • People and Banks in News : People who are constantly making it to the headlines should be remembered. May it be for a right cause or a wrong cause, simply remember the context for which the person was in the headlines.

Now your General Awareness syllabus must be looking a little less complicated. Isn’t it?

One more thing, not only you should have proficiency in both Static GK and Current Affairs, but also you must make efforts to be good in the areas of Financial Awareness. If you pay attention to recent news related to financial and banking sectors, you are already on the right path.

Go through these tips to strengthen your preparation further:

  • While preparing for GK Section try to keep a map with you; a country's map as well as a world's map and when ever you come across a new place try to locate it on the map. It will help you to memorize it in a better and effective way. Also, as the pictorial memories are easier to recall during the exam, so answers will come to you much easily.
  • As you practically don’t have much time left to go back to books and newspapers for studying current affairs, the best way to prepare them now is by using various Current Affairs notes on the grade up app.
  • Whenever you come across a news item that falls under above mentioned domains, make sure that you read it in and out. It generally goes without saying that all the news related to SBI or RBI should be religiously followed, noted and studied.
  • Nowadays, the trend among the questions seems to be to predominantly test a candidate’s General Awareness about major happenings. So make sure that instead of venturing into academic or deep conceptual aspects of financial affairs, you focus more on crucial details from what you read.
  • Try to understand the Terms (not the “verbatim” definitions but working understanding of what does Repo/Reverse repo, fiscal policy, monetary policy etc. do). Understand the cause and effect between terms (for example what will happen to inflation if repo rate is increased or decreased? If WPI is high then what is the cause behind it? How inflation affects our economy etc).

Economic Survey 2016 - 2017

  • Economic survey is a document released by Government, just before budget. It gives you overall idea on how economy performed last year and what should be done for future.  It is goldmine for current affairs related questions of Economy. Please go through it for once.


  • By magazines, I mean competitive magazines like BSC, Pratiyogita Darpan, Chronicle etc. There are various model papers given in these magazines, which helps you to keep a check on your preparation.

Stop Guessing

  • A lot of candidates think that they can score good marks in General Awareness through a fluke. It is almost impossible to do so as the questions are prepared with a view to test a student’s knowledge. You can get lucky with 1-2, but in overall you will end up answering 7-8 incorrectly. It is better to skip questions, rather than playing the guessing game.


Take help from Social Media

  • If you are finding it difficult to prepare for General Awareness, then subscribe to pages which posts regular updates on social media channels. The next time you open your Facebook/ Twitter account, you will have a ready list of general awareness waiting for you.

Reading Newspaper daily is a boon

  • The best way to deal with the General Awareness section is to be regular with it. Newspaper is the best mode of learning about the recent developments taking place in India and outside India. If you do this regularly for 5-6 months, you would have already covered about 80-85% of your general awareness syllabus.

Remember, It is impossible to mug up General Awareness in a day or two, so you need consistency and dedication to gain an upper hand in this section. It may be painful for the first few days, but then you would start enjoying it gradually.

Last year other than the GA section all sections in SBI PO exam were comparatively difficult so almost everyone scored equally in these sections, but Banking Awareness section was moderate hence proved to be a deciding section. Same pattern may be followed this year as well. So buckle up and give your best shot, this section can make or break your selection.

In the end I will suggest you that for this particular section try to follow a very simple approach. Don't try to read too much from here and there, it will only confuse you. Just follow one good preparation site (choice is all yours) along with a good news paper. Try to keep it simple as It is always the simple that produces the marvellous.

If you wish to be updated regarding the upcoming exams notifications, their patterns, syllabus and other details, download Gradeup App – The best resources of SBI PO preparation, & all other Banking exams.

All the best for your exams..

Team gradeup..!!


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