India joins WHO call to end TB by 2030 in South East Asian

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  • India among other countries in the South East Asian Region, which bear half of the global tuberculosis burden, today signed a ‘call for action’ and pledged to scale up measures to end the disease by 2030.
  • India reports 2.8 million new TB cases annually and nearly half a million deaths due to the disease.
  • Health ministers from countries in WHO South-East Asia Region, which bear half the global TB burden and WHO signed a ‘Call for Action’ for ending TB, pledging to scale-up efforts and implement adequately funded, innovative, multi-sectoral and comprehensive measures to achieve the global target to end the disease by 2030.
  • Six of the region’s countries —
    1. Bangladesh,
    2. DPR Korea,
    3. India,
    4. Indonesia,
    5. Myanmar and
    6. Thailand
    are among the 30 high TB burden nations globally.
  • The global targets seek to reduce TB mortality by 90 per cent and incidence by 80 per cent by 2030.
  • The initiative also stresses on increasing government and partner budgetary allocations to enable national TB plans to be fully funded.
Quick Question for Bank PO/ IBPS Exams 2016-17:
India signed a ‘call for action’ and pledged to scale up measures to end the tuberculosis by 2030 in collaboration with which organisation? 
 – WHO (World Health Organization) 

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